Learn How to Determine the Owner of a Domain Name

The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the organization responsible of giving registrars authorizations to issue domain names and assign them to public. A registrant is a person or an organization that is considered to be the owner of the domain name authorized to make or request for changes to be made in vital information related to domain name. Therefore, it is crucial to know the owner of a domain name and also the person or organization having administrative, billing and technical rights related to domain.

Why is Determining a Domain Name Owner Important?

Finding out a domain name owner/registrant is very crucial for the following reasons:

    • The first one is verifying that the registrant details of your personal domains are properly entered. If they are not, you may miss many things, for instance renewal notices, purchase offers, partnership requests and the like.
    • The second one, If you are interested in making an offer on an already registered domain name, you can easily find the contact information of the owner, such as the owner’s name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.
    • The third one, it helps in protecting your personal information, by telling you if the privacy controls you have put in place are actually in effect.

What is the Process to Lookup Domain Name Details?

The process of domain name registration was engineered in a very transparent way. Everyone can get the information about domain name owner by just clicking on certain informative links. It also helps in keeping a track of domain name expiry dates and the start date of registration.

The WHOIS Lookup

WHOIS is one of the tools that are mostly used to check or find out the information about a domain name. It gives you not only the information of the registrant but also the administrative contact, billing contact, technical contact, domain expiration date and original registration date. In order to lookup the domain name registrant information, you should follow the following few very simple and easy steps:

  • To check the domain name owner information simply visit the website such as whois.netor web solution providers website like GoDaddy or http://www.tucowsdomains.com.
  • Fill in the exact web address or complete domain name of the website you are seeking information for.
  • With a click or two (you might have to prove you’re not a robot), you’ll have the full registrant details.

Verify the Details

You can verify the details given about the domain name. If you find any incomplete or incorrect information, you may submit a request to the domain registrar to make changes. Sometimes, if the information is not completely available, as many registrars or individuals do not want to share their information completely, you may specifically visit the registrar’s website and find information.

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