4 Powerful Tools to Help You Find Newly Registered Domain Names for Your Hosting Website

Domain names have evolved since their creation in 1985, and today, we have over 250 million of them on the market. However, there is a new crop of newly registered domain names that offer a whole lot of benefits, including the ability to associate a business or entity with a particular location, subject or aspiration. The newly registered domains can also boost your website traffic and search engine rankings. The question repeatedly asked is: Where can one get these newly registered domain names? Well, here are tools to help you in that direction:

  1. Whois for newly registered and expired domains

Whois helps you get newly registered domain names, as well as expired domain names. This tool also gives you other options to pick out from based on your business. Whois is beneficial since it gives you daily downloads, access to approximately 10,000 newly registered domain names and 100,000 recently expired domain names every day. It also allows you to get a list of main gTLDs AND new gTLDs.

  1. Get newly registered and cheap domains from Namestead

Namestead is the ultimate tool when searching out for newly registered domain names. Once registered, you instantly gain visibility over a large domain name portfolio. It has spreadsheet-like capabilities that allow you to sort and filter domain names according to date and year of registration. Namestead is a deal breaker as it gives you notifications whenever a new domain name is registered.

  1. Lean domain search availability tool

Lean domain search availability tool helps you to find the best domain name for your website. It utilizes search engine where you can key in your preferred domain name’s keyword. Lean domain search brings you 30+ most popular available suggestions to choose from. Lean domain search allows you to filter your results according to alphabetical order, length and popularity. It also shows you fresh domains that are available for registration.

  1. Domainr – Search for top level and new generation domain names

Domainr is among the most user-friendly tools to use when you want to search for domain names. Domainr is intuitive and extremely fast. When you find a favorite name, you can pick out from a pool of registrars to register your domain name. Besides helping you search the traditional domain names like .com, .net or .org, Domainr boasts the capability to help you find newly registered and new generation domain names like .Hospital, and .London easily.

There is a ton of tools you can use to generate newly registered domain names that you can leverage. The above mentioned have proven to be more effective and reliable. With this outline, finding a newly registered domain name shouldn’t feel like work.